Saturday, March 16, 2013

A fun contest and giveaway!ARE YOU ABLE TO COMMENT?

Some of you had said you were unable to I hope it works.........If you can't please send me an email!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At long last Ihave everyhting I need to have my first pattern for sale......

EXCEPT.........I had a name for it, but I always get so many different comments from people as to what comes to ,mind when they see it that I decided to ask you all for some help naming it!
If I choose your name you will receive a copy of my pattern and a surprise that I can customize to what you like to work with.
Everyone who gives me a name will be entered to win a copy of the pattern also.
If you mention my giveaway in your blog please let me know and I will enter your name 3 times!
I am so excited to see what you come up with!

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Simply Carmen. It reminds me of Carmen Miranda!!

    Great Pattern.

  2. First thing that comes to mind is Urn of Flowers

  3. Blossom of Femininity.
    Somehow it reminds of a woman in a look of a flower... strange may be.
    Anyway, wonderful work! I love the colors!

    1. Great name!You are not the first to mention that it looks like a woman in flower!Thank you!

  4. Gabriella,
    This is stunningly beautiful and the colors, wow!
    What came to mind as a possible name for your pattern; Floral Delight

  5. This is a wonderful idea..sharing your glorious light with others! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

    1. Thanks Mary Helen!I think you could come up with a name...but your beautiful brain is probably all taken up thinking of all the things you do!I will still enter you for you have been an inspiration and encouraging friend for a long time!

  6. An Extravaganza of Colourful Flowers is what springs to mind for me Gabriela.
    It is very beautifully created and so colourful!