Thursday, August 26, 2010


It was all we hoped give our daughter a beautiful wedding, and mostly surrounded by our best friends and family who shared in such a joy!
Here are some pictures to share with my lovely blog friends...Thank you for all the good wishes....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


My only daughter is getting married this coming Saturday. It is a great time for all of us. My parents will be here from Uruguay tomorrow, and lots of family and dear friends will be here to share the special day. I don't know if there is ever a happier ocassion than this, to be in one room with so many loved ones.
I wanted to share with you the ring bearer's pillow I made. The ribbon was personalized by my friend Debbi. The back has a white ribbon with the date so that my grandosn can put his hands through to carry it down the aisle.( well, it may end up being used as a football as he is not even 2 yet).
I will share more the beautiful necklace and bracelet made by Sahron of Shardon Exclusives. I purchased a necklace/bracelet and she was so sweet to include as a gift a beautiful necklace....Check out her beautiful beaded work at I will be sure to post pictures of them later!
Now, off to work and planning of the wedding!
Talk to you all next week!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Threadheadsanonymous: JOIN LEILANI'S 100 day challenge on CPS

Threadheadsanonymous: JOIN LEILANI'S 100 day challenge on CPS

JOIN LEILANI'S 100 day challenge on CPS

My friend Leilani is hosting a 100 day challenge on the Cloth Paper Scissors site! As she calls it, it's a 'doozy'! but you may want to jump in! Details on the link! here's my first 5!