Friday, June 25, 2010


On my trip to South America I took an embroidery project from Crab Apple Hill.I had never done one before and thought it would be fun and easy to take.
Of course I am not a good embroiderer and never read the pattern so I ended up doing it my way. I later found out that the flowers were to be colored with crans that get ironed on and permanently stay. I sent a picture of it to Crab Apple Hill and they posted it on their site. I never know if a designer would be too pleased that I alter his/her work so I was happy to know that she liked it!I gave this to my sister Daniela, who embellished a lace border and then had it made into a are some pics and a link to Crab Apple Hill's blog...

Also I wanted to share with you the wool wallhangings made by my Dad and I that are exhibited at the Lake Metro Parks Cleveland WOOLFEST show.. It's cool that they hang them together! I will be going to the show this weekend.


  1. I love the works you created with your father in felted wools. They are so inviting and I wish I could touch the softness and inviting surfaces you have created. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Wonderful works created by you and your father, your embroidery is very beautiful.