Thursday, July 22, 2010

MY SUE SPARGO GINGER GROVE!!!!Quilted by my friend Wanda Stivison

I finally finished it! I started this when I first met Sue Spargo in 2007. I went to a luncheon and she was there doing the lecture. I went there with the attitude of " I don't do that kind of art' ( folk art).
I fell in love with her work as well as with her for her humble, unstoppable and tremendous creativity and goodness of heart. I am very lucky that she lives about an hour from me and last year I started to go to a workshop at her home. We are surrounded by her fabulous art and friendship and inspiration .
I wanted to share a picture of it. This is the first quilt that I had a friend quilt by machine. I always do mine but I knew this one had to have that special touch. My friend Wanda Stivison from Union Furnace Ohio whom I met on one of my online groups did this in the way she thought best. She did a fantastic job and she made my work better. So I say this is mine and Wanda's quilt. We have a great friendship that started online and I loved her since I met her finally in person last year.
This quilt is special, because it bonds us in more than one way. Our friendship, the trust of one artist allowing the other to be a part of it...
Means a lot to me....Thanks Wanda for tangling your threads with mine! Check out her blog A Frayed of Fibers on my blog list!!


  1. oh gabriela, it is GORGEOUS!!! and divine...and wow wow wow!!!! and wanda...just amazing. what a beautiful collaboration... truly inspiring. xoxo

  2. Oh you are making me blush! You did all of the hard work and a gorgeous quilt at that! Thanks too for being a dear friend!

  3. This a poetic winner in colors and composition...simple lovely with the beautiful quilting stitches...a prayerful combination and union of spirits. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart