Thursday, December 2, 2010

Leilani's Meandering Challenge

I recently participated in one of Leilani's exciting 5 day challenge projects. Each day she would give us a technique to do and we didn't know what would be next. It is very freeing doing this type of challenge. We are usually bound to rules knowing what the end product will be. I really love doing these!

I wanted to share with you the process and finished cloth which I have not decided how to use yet.....

You can check Leilani's website at

The first day we had to get a piece of fabric and transform it by painting. The second day we had to use stamps or write or doodle all over it. I chose paragraphs from poetry from one of my favorite poets, Pablo Neruda.
The third day we added another piece of fabric for the backing and then run it through the sewing machine in no special design, just all over.

Day 4 & 5 we had to cut holes and slits into the fabric and then embellish it with just stitches....

In doing this, some of the fabric puckered, so I made like veins stitching the fabric together to 'hide' the puckers...

Thanks Leilani for all the fun!


  1. qué lindo te quedó! parece un mapa antiguo!!

  2. Your final piece turned out so cool! Love it!

  3. right, I'm here...glad you are still on my blogger...

  4. I have just got to try this! I love how yours turned out! The flower piece you are working on is going to be fabulous! Beautiful work!

  5. This is very cool! Love all the colors and layers! Great job.

  6. wow! such a fantastic transformation, it looks like a map.