Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Well, I am still waiting for my draft paper to arrive...I went from store to store trying to find some, bought the wrong kind online, and so still I do not have the beautiful drafting paper to finalize my pattern. I hate having a patterns that I have to go and blow up at Kinko's so I am determined to do mine actual size. I may be sorry about it later but right now that's what I am aiming for!
I finished the 'writing' part of the pattern, which is harder to do than one thinks! Every details is important and research has to be done again and again. I do not know how most designers develop their patterns, but for me, there's a bit of doing as you go, and I change things as I go, and so the colors and shapes and materials change accordingly. So the I have to go back and re do templates,etc. However, it is fun to do and again a step that makes it so 'official'.

Again, thanks to everyone for your lovely comments as they are the force that propels me to keep going!


  1. You will work this out as you go and I love the NEW banner! Have a great weekend and Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Hola Gabriela, un saludo desde Baiona, Pontevedra,
    gracias por seguirme... veo que compartimos un mismo hobby. para lo que quieras un beso .
    li goce

  3. Hey, I'll be tester for you! LOL
    A job that I have done before.