Monday, August 22, 2011

My first fabric book for my niece Acacia

I have been looking for a while at the beautiful fabric books or journals people make, check SuziQ's site on my blog page) hers are the best I have seen! I wanted to make one, and while no comparison should be made to hers, LOL, when my niece came to visit I thought I would try and make one for her to keep a few curious things and I attached pins, little books, all sorts of scrapbooking tools, and some of the pages are just made of muslin so she can journal with fabric markers....
I knew she would love it!
So here's my first modest try at sure was fun to make!


  1. gorgeous fabric book! i have been wanting to make one myself. you've inspired me now! merci for stopping by my blog and for your very sweet comments on my Maine post. i never heard of the book you mentioned but it sounds awesome. i am an avid reader and i would so love to read it. i will email you with my address now....:)

  2. I love your little book. You are such a creative person and you do so many different things. You are very special.

  3. It's time to teach us. Love the colors.

  4. I like it very much. I have to try.