Monday, October 3, 2011

Great weekend in Coolville retreat

This weekend I spent it with old and new friends at a retreat in Coolville,Ohio. It was my second stay and we had new friends as well as old friends gather for quilting, designing, and just have fun.

I was able to work on my second design a little bit and gather more ideas.
My rooster is coming along....spent a lot of time figuring out the color and position of each feather....I am pretty happy with it so far....

This is the house where we stay. It is huge....we also cook all our meals and have dinner together with some wine of course...

this is the sewing room....Many creative friends doing all sorts of projects....

Monica here had a visit from the retreat per, Patches. He likes to come out and check our work....
We had rain most of the weekend but Sunday Monica and I had a chance to sit a bit by the pond and enjoy the fresh air....

Isn't it gorgeous!

Here is Wanda with her beautiful quilt and Barb who worked all weekend on a beautiful Cinderella costume for her granddaughter...
Kris was a new friend....she was a blast! Had us laughing all weekend....Here she's working on a quilt that we all worked on for our dear friend Sherry who is the one responsible for organizing this retreat!
My friend Michelle came for the first time and had a great time. Barb and Lesa work by her....

Lesa worked on this fantastic quilt!

my friend Lori also came for the first time...I was glad they all had a great time and can't wait for the next retreat!

I also met Sandy and Carol who were also wonderful new friends!

Thanks to Wanda for all the work she did to make this retreat another unforgettable time!


  1. This retreat looks like a heavenly place! I wish I could have been there to explore! Peace, Mary Helen

  2. Gabriella - It is wonderful to be back to see you again! This looks like a really fun girl weekend - crafting- eating - sharing a good time! I a always amazed by your incredible projects.

    Oh yes - I forgot that your parents lived in Montevideo - we visited there - I think I went to an incredible flea market there. How nice that you are sharing my travel photos with them - that is so sweet - LOVE you for that!


  3. qué lindo que es pasar un fin de semana así! te envidio!

  4. Hello to my Ohio friend...thx for your comments about my friend Patrick...just checking in again...very cool weekend...thx june

  5. Hola Gabriela! Que lindo tu blog y que hermosas experiencias compartís. Sigamos en contacto y armemos un encuentro para la primavera, un beso desde el sur...

  6. Wow! The place looks like such a relaxing setting for a retreat! And, by the looks of everyone in the pictures, it's fun and productive at the same time. I'm so happy that you and Monica found this retreat!