Saturday, July 18, 2009

The beauty around us

Sometimes it's easy to get distracted with life in general and forget to see what's around us ...for me much of it makes me think of how wonderful life is...and it's also a great source of inspiration. The insect you probably will not recognize is called in spanish (guitarrero) or guitar man...for it makes a sound reminiscent of a sister Daniela sent me this picture...It is a a great memory of our childhood in Uruguay....the rest are around my yard....



  1. beautiful! and what a cool bug! xo

  2. Ola, I love your guitarrero. I must show it to Victor. I am sure he will remember them from El Salvador too.
    Cheers, Penny

  3. Such glorious mushrooms and flowers in your yard ... and that guitarrero insect! Brilliant! Hope all is well in your world.