Friday, July 31, 2009


While visiting Berlin, Ohio my Mom remembered how she used to make this years and years ago. It so happened that I had seen a trivet made with this technique, in the same place, across the street from where my mother remembered having done this. When I got home, I had a message from Sara (the fabric of meditation)showing me this exact project she was woking on, and it challenged me to do it!

this is very addicting!Try it!


  1. Cool, I remember these as a kid too! My mom made one with varigated purples to make it look like grapes. This would be a cool trade too. Just think how wasted I would be having to empty the bottles though. lol OH, as for the blue hair, at my age, I might look like Marge Simson or one of her sisters. lol

  2. Very cool, Gabriela! My grandmother made one of these to look like a bunch of grapes. I think my aunt still has it somewhere ... thanks for sharing!