Monday, October 18, 2010

Coolville was really cool!

Here are some of us striking a pose!

Susan, Gretchen, Debbi,Wanda,Monica,Gabriela, Thea

We all gave Wanda a little gift ...she did so many special things for us in spite of having so many issues with her home...We hope she will be able to use it and think of us when she turns on her water!

Debbi loves her baseball games, so in the evenings she sat in front of the tv, but
was so nice to work on the bindings for Sandy's quilts at the same time!Thanks Debbi! You rock!

Here we caught Gloria on a still moment pretending she was actually working!!!!LOL
She had so many stories and we were so happy to hear them that it was hard for her to work!She actually did make some incredible zentangles.....

Wanda after a swim! She had as laughing (mostly) the whole weekend!

Monica finishing her English paper piecing project!

Sandy watches Gretchen as she lovingly does her part on sewing on the binding....

Wanda found yet another kitty to love....

Wanda and me....working on Sandy's memory quilt binding

Debbi and Wanda by the lake...

Monica worked by the lake too....

If you look hard, you can see the fish that everytime we sat on the benches to sew, would come and stare at us....

Saying goodbye to my dear Gloria....she is the sweetest, most fun lady! We only knew each other from the online group and I was so happy that she had visited Uruguay a couple of weeks she's going to India.. I wish I can grow up to be just like her!


  1. Thanks for sharing your photos! I didn't get a great one of Gloria and so glad that you did! BTW, I guess I do look better in rose colored glasses! lol

  2. great pics, Gabriela - thanks for remembering to have YOUR memory chip in your camera!
    Wanda looks 'fan-tas-tick' in those pink glasses! wonderful weekend - let's do it again!

  3. qué buenas fotos! dónde están? qué lindo que es participar en una cosa como esa. me muero de envidia!!