Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Coolville on my mind

This coming friday I am off to Coolville( even the name sounds great) to a retreat where I will spend the weekend with 14 other crafty women...and friends...
Some of us have met before through our online F.A.T yahoo group.... Some of us will meet after many years of just being online friends...
We will be each working on any projects we want to bring, reading, learning from others, etc. I will be working on my Sue Spargo FLOWERBED quilt....(
This weekend it seems will be mild and so we should be able to enjoy the outdoors also.
I am sure looking forward to a fun filled are some pictures but I will be sure to take some myself and post when I return!


  1. too enjoy the FAT ladies would be wonderful in its self. envious! let us see your finished project soon.

  2. Really enjoyed meeting you! Weekend went to fast so let's do it again!