Sunday, May 1, 2011


Hi everyone! I am back from Uruguay and Brasil and now back to work! I had a wonderful time and was lucky to have all wonderful days so I came back quite tan and relaxed and also inspired...
I will try to share my photos from the trip here....starting with Uruguay...I was in Montevideo where I was born and most of my family and friends live. We had a reunion from my elementary class, yes, we had not seen each other in many many years when I reunited everyone through Facebook last year. This was our second reunion and we were part of a documentary that will be published in Austria by one of my journalist friends.
We were able to go to the school and take pictures on the steps like we did when we were children, and we also got to sit on the desks of our old class....Also we had 5 teachers that joined us and itw as a thrill to see their happiness knowing that we remembered them and wanted to see them....
The faces on these pictures say it all.....this was a truly emotional ,heart warming day.....


  1. I would have loved traveling with you dear are always welcomed to my studio ...but get rested dear lady. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. qué bueno lo de la documental, contame cómo poder verla! otra vez será que nos encontremos! beso grande, sara