Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sharing some beautiful views and wonderful times in Brasil...

Who doesn't like fashion! before we head to my sister's house we made a stop at the Mall in Florianopolis, an incredible city with you can see they are crazy about purses there too! So many colors!

When we arrived at my sister's my nephews could not wait for me to see how they had decorated a room for me, and it says " Aunt Gabriela's Studio!" sweet of them....
I had a table and plenty of room to store and work on things!

Here is my sister Daniela wrapped in a lap quilt I made her!

These are my nephews Dash and Gedan, in front of the beautiful flowershop!


  1. Wow with all the serious colors in those purses! Your photos with the ocean are similar to the ones I just took driving down the coast to seems it is remarkable no matter where you are seeing it. Hope you are having fun with your family...they look very sweet...thx for sharing, june

  2. certainly looks a vibrant and interesting place