Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gifts finally finished!!!!!!

My friend Darlene brought me a pattern for hand warmers that she hoped I could do....
My knitting skills are limited but I found the pattern very easy and so I made these for my sister in law Andi and my niece Katelyn...

A small purse for my Mom....she liked these fabrics when she was here and I made up this one for will be on its way to Brazil soon...

I have certain projects I have worked on for a while while doing other things in between...
One of those is my sister in law Michelle's quilt...I wanted to give her a quilt for her new home which is a beautiful home by a pond in Yardley, PA. When my husband and her were kids they would go to this beautiful pond to skate.Now this beautiful home is hers...She has a wonderful sun room that overlooks the lake and I thought it would be nice for her to cozy up to this quilt there or when she goes out to feed the geese and ducks...



  1. These are simply fabulous... I do not have knitting skills any where near yours. They are incredible. I am trying to make a baby quilt for my baby brother's newest grandson! You bless me. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Hey, trippy flip card thing..I enjoyed that..I got to see some of my favorite work by you right then and there....hope your holidays were good and getting into the new year smoothly...sorry I haven't said hello in a while...glad I stopped by, xox june

  3. The quilt looks fabulous on my sofa in the Lake Room! The colors you chose blend perfectly with the room. Thank you!! <3