Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cincinnati Quilt International

I finally made it! Lori, Debbi, Monica and I went to see the show.....It w as amazing with so many vendors and quilts for every taste..they were outstanding..after 2 hours of looking at quilts the first day I had like  a visual overload!Thank God we were there another day to finish looking at it all.
Our hotel was great, a couple blocks from the Show and right across from the main square. It's  a great city!We had  a lot of fun but we were exhausted!!here are some pics from the Show and the area.


  1. Oh My goodness Gabriela - so many gorgeous quilts and the talent is mind boggling. Absolutely incredible and thank you so much for sharing with us!

  2. I am glad you enjoyed it! These are just some of the ones we could take pictures of...Many done by 'known' artists could not be photographed.
    It w as just amazing and the pictures can't even show the textures and layers! Fabulous show!

  3. I wished I could have linked up with you as I would have been the only one going and didn't want to go alone, so I ended up staying home:( Glad you had a good time and the quilts are gorgeous!

  4. Gabriela, what fabulous quilt designs!! I love the penguins :) But, all of them are so unique! Cincinnati looks like a nice place to visit. I'm so glad you went and that you all had a good time. A nice girls weekend!! Thanks for sharing all of your pictures!

  5. Spectacular work, many congratulations to all of you.
    A hug.

  6. Hola Gabriela! Muchas gracias por tu comentario, me ilusiona pensar que alguien que está tan lejos y que hace unos trabajos tan maravillosos como los tuyos, pueda encontrar interesante mis pequeños proyectos.
    El estilo de Sue me gusta mucho, lo encuentro divertido y alegre! Y muy diferente a lo que normalmente se ve por aquí!!
    Me hago seguidora de tu blog, me ha encantado! Siento no hablarte en ingles, pero es que no lo domino..
    Hasta pronto! Besos!

  7. Maybe next year ...I won't be in such a big commission and will go down with you to see this fabulous exhibit. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos with me so vicariously I could see the joys you discovered!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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