Monday, September 27, 2010

A fun outing

Yesterday we celebrated my dear friend Lori's birthday...It was in March but we never got around to it! Mida, Rosemary, Lori and I went to Mastropietro Winery, very close to my house. It is a beautiful place. We had a blast and it was a little chilly but thank God for the fire pits!My friend Rosemary brought baked garlic (yummy!), brie and hot wings and I made some wraps. We also had some great Sunset wine and of course, a little cake!
I made Lori one of my flower pincushions.
We had a wonderful time!


  1. good times, good friends, what more do we need.

  2. What an amazing looking cake. Glad you all had such a good time.

  3. Looks like a wonderful day! I love the pic of your friend taking the flower out of the bag! Margaret

  4. what a lovely party! and yum chocolate and wine! delish! thanks for your kind comments on my blog about my work, you are so sweet, I love your blog and I will have to come back and visit often!! ciao bella!

  5. How nice to celebrate a friends birthday , the flower pincushions look lovely, thanks for visit and comment on my blog.

  6. You made that pin cushion flower - it is fabulous! What a great gift my friend! Looks like you girls had a wonderful time - and that CAKE takes my breath away!!!

    Thanks for posting about the giveaway onyour amazing blog - I will keep my fingers crossed that sweet Maddy girl draws your name for the prize - that would make me jump up and down and do the Happy dance!


  7. Hola Gabriela!!! gracias por visitarme, a mi tambien me encanta lo que hacés vos, te felicito, espero que nos leamos muy seguido, un besito y hasta pronto!!