Thursday, November 1, 2012


The last two days I have been having the most difficult time leaving comments on my dear friends' blogs...
I do use reading glasses, and I am not the most patient person in the world......but 9 and 10 times I tried to decipher those little annoying numbers and words at no avail......

They say it is to prove you are not a robot.....well...I guess in my case it has been proven......

I AM A ROBOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  So if you don't see my comments on your blog as often as doesn't mean I am not checking your blog...I am just having a hard time being human!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Gabriel I so understand...I do wear tri-focals and still struggle to figure out the security codes. I must be a robot also! You are a very shapely robot my dear. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. I do so agree,it is so difficult and at times makes me give up.
    Thanks for reading my blog.

  3. I read this when you originally posted it and shook my head in agreement. Today, reading it again, I wanted to yell out "I KNOW!! Ugh." It's really difficult to see those teeny weeny numbers on small containers, like spice jar, because the numbers are not only small, but the colors are light or almost clear. I sometimes have to rub my hand over the containers like I'm feeling for braille so I know where to concentrate while I rock the container back and forth, move it closer and further from the light. And, to think, I used to laugh at all the old people that carry a magnifying glass around with them. Who's laughing now?