Monday, November 5, 2012

Sharing a little of my trip to Uruguay and Brasil...and Argentina too!

This past September I went on my yearly trip to Uruguay to visit my family and friends.My sister lives in Brasil so I make a stop in Montevideo for a few days, and then my parents and I go to Brasil to be with her and my nephews.
This year I was 'lucky' enough to be landing in Montevideo Sept. 19, a day in which they had  the storm of the century. When we were just about to land we were told we could not land and had to go to Buenos Aires, Argentina. A city I love and which once was my city also....but not a city I wanted to see when my family was expecting me in Montevideo.
Well, we spent almost 2 days there but didn't get to do much since they were constantly changing the time we were leaving so we had to stay close to the hotel.
It would have been a great time for me to visit my friend Sara Lechner (
We have been blogging friends for many years and I adore her work and her too! and would have loved to meet her! But she was on vacation in Europe so we crossed paths... next time!!!
I hope you enjoy some of the pictures of my trip.......I am always inspired when I travel...and will later share some of the things I did there...

Me at Mariscal Beach, S. Catarina Brasil

Some beautiful and yummy candy we were given.....
Palm tree in bloom......
Beautiful round rocks at Canto Grande Beach, S. Catarina, Brasil

Canto Grande, Fisherman's Boats...

These are beautiful sand flowers that grow all along the sand..

One of my favorite places, Canto Garnde Brasil...

These are pictures around my parents' house in PortoBelo Brasil

A video from Canto Grande beach..................

Some views from my Montevideo, Uruguay....


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Love your photos and wow what a great trip after the weather delay. Beautiful countries :)

  2. Fantastic photos of your trip, thanks for sharing.
    I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog post "clothes pins".
    Have a wonderful Holiday week.